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Takes many small steps

The Recapture watch is not about the how or even the what. At its core, it’s about the why. Why design a simple plastic watch with a PET fibre strap in multiple sporty colours when so many others already exist on the market?

To save the planet.
That’s why.

Okay, that may be a bit hyperbolic, but the Recapture watch is designed from the ground up to make use of recycled plastic and polyethylene materials. The case is made of recycled plastic, hardened into a durable and light construction. The strap is made of polyethylene terephthalate fibres, woven into flexible and comfortable straps. The straps have a faux-leather inlay made of recycled apple peel and other organic products that mimic the look, feel, and durability of real leather.

“Plastic itself is not a bad material. The bad thing is the way we handle it. Plastic has many good qualities, but we really need to look at how we use it and for what.”

– Daniel Sano Mirecki, co-founder of Omhu:

For the Recapture watch, we partnered with Omhu:, a Danish beach cleaning organization intent on not only cleaning plastic from the environment but reusing it in beneficial ways.

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Trendhim x Omhu:

Omhu: stands for “care.” Care about the environment, about the future, about sustainability, but according to Omhu co-founder Daniel Sano Mirecki, it’s also about doing whatever it is you do with care.

“The fact that we are hopefully at a turning point where we realise that we need to recycle way more and way better, and that we really need to take a critical look at what we use plastic for gives me hope for the future"

– Daniel

A part of the profit from every Recapture watch sold before September 1 will go to help Omhu: clean the environment. For every watch we ship, we can help recapture the equivalent of 100 plastic bottles from nature.

As an added bonus, until August 1, you’ll be able to get a free limited edition Recapture watch through a special challenge. More on that later.


For the Recapture, we chose Japanese Miyota 2035 movement. This quartz clockwork is highly accurate, reliable, durable, fixable, and simple. These may not have the same impact as super sexy buzzwords like “built-in chronograph” or “shock-absorbing nanoskeletal graphene tubing” (that last one is made up) but they’re important nonetheless.

“It is important to keep in mind that every action and effort, big or small, actually does make a difference.”

– Daniel

The whole philosophy behind this watch is about reducing waste and reusing whatever we can so it doesn’t end up in nature. The fewer complications a watch has, the less energy it uses. The less energy it uses, the fewer batteries you’ll go through in its lifetime. If you don’t need a date window, a separate 24-hour subdial, or a chronograph, then those complications are just wasting your battery. The Miyota 2035 has been on the market for quite a while, and because of that, the latest version is easy to repair and parts are easily accessible and inexpensive.

All of this makes for a watch that is (we hope) a net boon for the environment. It takes plastic waste and other materials out of the environment, strapping them to your wrist. It’s energy-efficient and durable, so you won’t need to throw it away any time soon. And even in the highly unlikely case it breaks down after years of service, it’ll be cheap and easy to fix, giving you very little reason to throw it away.

“The best thing is that we use resources / raw material already at hand.”

– Daniel


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