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How do I return or exchange a product?

You accidentally made an impulse purchase on that blurry Saturday night. Or you have discovered that bright orange is not quite your colour. It happens to the best of us! That's why we offer a 365 day return policy.

Our return policy gives you 365 days to return your unused product for a full refund.

Did your order arrive damaged?

If any of the items arrived damaged, please get in touch with us, and if possible include your order number and a photo showing the damage. One of our customer service representatives will make sure a replacement is sent out as soon as possible.

Returning for any other reason than a damaged or faulty product?

    • Find your order ID on the invoice included with the package, or in the order confirmation email, and go to www.trendhim.au/return. Fill out your order ID and postal code, and click login. If you can't find your order ID, please contact us and let us know what email address or name was used to place the order and any other information you may have about the order.
    • You will now be guided through the return process where you can specify which item(s) you want to return and what item(s) you would like in exchange. You can also choose to receive a refund for the item(s) you are returning.
    • At the end of the process, you will be able to download your return form. This forms will also be emailed to the email address that you made the original purchase with.
    • Print the return form.
    • Put the products you want to return in a padded envelope or package and include the return form inside.
    • Please ship the return package to:

    • Landmark/Bpost - Trendhim
      7 Eucalyptus place
      Eastern Creek, New South Whales

    • Contact us with the tracking number of your return shipment.
    • Once your return package arrives at our warehouse, we will process your refund or exchange. You will receive an email confirmation when the refund or exchange has been processed.
    • Please note! We do not reserve stock. So in case you asked for an exchange, and the new items are not in stock when we receive your return package, we will automatically send you an electronic gift card instead.

    When do I receive my refund?

    If you selected a money refund, it will be processed the same day your return package arrives at our warehouse. You will receive an email confirmation when the refund has been processed. The money should reach your bank account, credit card or PayPal account within 3-4working days. In case the refund has taken longer than 3-4 working days, please see When will i receive my money back for more info on specific payment methods. Some may take a little longer.

    What if the new item I want is more expensive?

    For security reasons we cannot charge you more than your original order. So in case your new item is more expensive than the one you already bought, our return system will suggest to give you a voucher for the amount of your original purchase. You can use this voucher to place a new order.

    The voucher will be sent to the email address you used to place the original order once your return package has arrived at our warehouse.

    What if the new item is cheaper?

    The difference between the price of the new item(s) and your original order will be refunded via the payment method that you choose during the return registration process.

    When your return package arrives at our warehouse, your refund will be processed immediately and your new item(s) shipped out. You will receive email confirmations for both the refund and new shipment.

    What if i want to exchange multiple items?

    If you want to exchange multiple products into a more expensive one, or an expensive product into several cheaper ones, you can specify this during the return registration process.

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