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Designed to protect from the sun and rain, bucket hats are the ultimate summer accessory. Whether you’re shopping for a waterproof one so you’ll never miss a beat at the festival or a bucket hat that was handmade in Italy, shade yourself with one from our expanding selection.

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Why Are They Called Bucket Hats?

Bucket Hats for men are the ultimate hats for summer. With their wide, downward circular brim, they offer shade for the eyes, face and neck. Men’s bucket hats are usually made from cotton and can be rolled, folded or crushed for easy packing.

This sun hat began in the early 1900s in Ireland as a way for fishermen and farmers to protect themselves from the sun and rain. The name bucket hat comes from the fact that the shape looks like a bucket. From the countryside in Ireland, the English upper class quickly adopted the hat for weekend walks and drives… and from there, the must-have sun hat of summer was born.

Fun fact! In Australia, bucket hats are often confused with giggle hats or Boonie hats worn by the military and gardeners battling weeds and snails. And in Denmark, they’re known as "bøllehat" or rowdy hats.

What Makes Bucket Hats so Popular?

Bucket hats for men have been popular since their days as Irish fisherman hats. They had a big boost in the 80s and 90s when pop stars decided they were cool. Bucket hats have remained popular because they provide incredible protection from the elements… and they look good doing it.

Bucket hats for men are inherently casual and effortlessly cool, so keep your outfit simple with shorts (or jeans) and a t-shirt. Add a pair of classic sneakers – and all the men’s accessories you want! – to finish the look.

What is the Best Bucket Hat?

The best bucket hat is the one that is lightweight and waterproof. All bucket hats for men keep your face and neck protected from the sun. But not all are waterproof. Whether you’re living it up at a summer music festival or wearing the fisherman hat to fish, the best bucket hat is the one that does more than just protect from harmful UV rays… it protects you from the rain too.

How to Buy a Bucket Hat for Men

What Does a Crushable Bucket Hat Mean?

When you read that a bucket hat is packable, foldable or crushable, it means that it can withstand the action of being folded, rolled, or balled up and crammed in your backpack. Bucket hats are designed to handle the abuse and easily return to their normal shape.