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Men's pendants

When it comes to men’s jewellery, there are no rules. Only guidelines for you to take or break at will. Pendants for men’s necklaces add a statement to a simple chain and turn the ‘U’ shape formed by the necklace into a ‘V’. Find our selection of necklace pendants for men in gold-, silver-tone, black, and brushed steel here. Craft your statement with an arrowhead, a shark’s tooth, an ancient coin or a symbol of your faith. It’s your story.

30 products
30 products


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Men’s Necklace Pendants

316L is the technical term for the surgical-grade stainless steel used in most of our pendants and necklace chains for men. It’s strong, safe, and tarnish resistant. It also takes a lot more force to scratch 316L stainless steel than gold, silver, or even platinum (plus it’s only a fraction of the price).

Through PVD coating, a microscopic layer of colour bonds with the steel’s surface at the molecular level. This layer is made of titanium nitride, which is a ceramic substance that is equally resistant to scratches and rust as the steel below it, and because it’s attached to the surface on the molecular level, it will neither fade nor flake. 

A variety of colours can be achieved through this process, including gold and silver tones that have an identical shine to the real thing – only a lot more durable.

Choosing the Right One

The opening at the top of a pendant through which the chain or cord is threaded is called the ‘bail’. The diameter of the bail determines how thick a chain can be threaded through it. When choosing a pendant design, it’s a good idea to consider your wardrobe, as well as your other accessories. 

If you’re a cold-coloured man who wears mostly silver jewellery and blue outfits, silver or black are your safest bets. They’ll fit most of your other items and blend in perfectly when layered with your existing necklaces. Gold and black complement warm colours like red. Black goes with anything and offers the most variety, but doesn’t have the eye-catching shine of metal.

Match your Metals (or don’t)

The rule of thumb is to match your metals. If your belt buckle is silver, go with silver everywhere else. If your watch is gold, every other metal should be gold-tone as well. 

But there’s an argument to be made for a well-balanced revolt against this rule. If you match silver and gold in a balanced way where neither is dominant, the other will not look out of place. It’s next-level style when done well.

Engraving pendants

Add a personal touch to your pendant with an engraving. A beloved’s initials, your own, or a word that empowers you… the choice is yours. It’s your story. Whatever it is, engravings are conversation starters, especially when placed on a prominent surface, like a pair of dog tags.

See the engraving options for each pendant on its product page.