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Men’s Socks

Whether you're gearing up for a formal occasion or running errands in your favourite pair of sneakers, our selection of men's socks has you covered. Made of premium quality fabrics, these socks are designed to keep your feet cosy and comfortable all day long.

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Crew socks, or classic socks, are the most popular style of socks for men. They typically extend up to the mid-calf and provide full coverage for the lower leg. Classic socks are versatile and can be worn with any type of shoe, including dress shoes, high-cut sneakers, and even boots.


Ankle socks, as the name suggests, extend up to the ankle bone. They're a popular choice for men who want a less visible sock that breathes more than classic socks do. Ankle socks are ideal for wearing with low-cut shoes, such as sneakers or loafers.

Classic socks provide more coverage and support for the lower leg. They can help prevent blisters and provide cushioning for the foot. Classic socks are also a great option for men who want to keep their legs warm in colder weather. Ankle socks, on the other hand, are more breathable and can help prevent foot sweats and the odour that usually follows. They're also a great option for men who want a sock that's a bit more discreet.