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9 Most Popular Necklace Chain Types & Chain Links for Men

From delicate silver chains to heavy gold necklaces; chains are men’s jewellery must-haves. But the standard curb chain may not be right for everyone. We're delving into the varied world of necklace chains, and by the end of this guide, you'll know the difference between a Figaro and a rope chain by heart, and have a better idea of which style suits you best.

1 9 most popular necklace chain types & chain links for men1.1 Necklace chain types1.2 What necklace chain size & length do i need?1.3 You asked – we answered

Necklace Chain Types

1. Cable Chain

Also known as an anchor chain, it’s made up of a series of identical oval links interlocked in a uniform pattern. Ideal for pendants, the cable chain is like a white shirt – everyone needs one of these in their arsenal.

2. Curb Chain

With its interlocking, identical, flat, and twisted links that lie flat against your skin, the curb chain is synonymous with masculine charm. It's the leather jacket of chains – edgy and always rebellious.

3. Figaro Chain

This Italian beauty is a variation of the curb chain, with a rhythmic pattern of alternating small and large links. It's the opera singer of chains – melodious and captivating.

4. Ball Chain

Made up of a series of metal balls, this is the quirky cousin in the family. The ball chain is the polka dot tie of chain necklaces – fun, playful, and distinctive.

5. Trace Chain

The trace chain is a thinner version of the cable chain – a delicate string of uniform links, perfect for those who prefer subtlety. It's the quiet, minimalist detail – understated and elegant.

6. Herringbone Chain

The herringbone chain, with its flat, parallel links, mimics the skeleton of a herringfish. It's known for its sleek, smooth texture and elegant appearance. Fairly rigid, herringbone chains rarely twist or tangle.

7. Rope Chain

As the name suggests, the rope chain looks like a classic hemp rope. In its shiny metallic form, though, it’s the epitome of strength and sophistication. The rope chain is a tailored suit – always sleek and stunning.

8. Box Chain

Comprising square links connected to form a continuous smooth chain, the box chain is the modern, geometric piece in your chain collection. It's the sleek, black-rimmed sunglasses of your wardrobe – smart and trendy.

9. Snake Chain

With tightly linked wavy plates, the snake chain looks like a snake's body – smooth, flexible, and feels comfortable against your skin. From afar, it looks like one uniform shape. The snake chain is like a silk pocket square – luxurious and exotic.

What Necklace Chain Size & Length Do I Need?

A chain that's too tight might make you feel like you're in a wrestling match with a boa constrictor, while one too long might have you feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. For a detailed guide on choosing the right necklace, check out our "Necklace size & length guide".