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Men’s kerchiefs aren’t just for the navy anymore. Thanks to soft, luxurious silk and an array of patterns, bandanas are off the boat and ready for your neck. When it comes to defining your style or setting a trend, men’s neckerchiefs are the ultimate finishing touch. Check out our selection for your favourite.

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Accent Your Look with a Silk Neckerchief for Men

Before we talk about how to add style to your outfit with a silk kerchief for men, let’s agree on what one is. Neckerchiefs – also known as kerchiefs and bandanas – are square pieces of cloth worn around the neck or head as accessories. You’ve seen bandanas everywhere from yachts in Saint-Tropez to groups of Scouts headed camping for the weekend.

Our selection of men’s neckerchiefs is a far cry from those worn by boys in the woods. Made from fine silk, ours feel just as good on your neck as they look being there. Team a paisley printed neckerchief with a classic white t-shirt or a button-down denim shirt for a simple, pared-back look. If it’s a more formal vibe you’re after, each of our silk kerchiefs for men add the right amount of smooth texture and look smashing with your suit.

How to Wear a Men’s Neckerchief

The bandana is designed to wear around your neck, wrist or even as a pocket square. The most popular way to wear a men’s kerchief is around the neck in a loose, relaxed way.

How do you Tie a Neckerchief

1. Lay your kerchief flat and then fold along the diagonal.

2. Now that you have a triangle shape, roll loosely from the longest side to make a tube shape.

3. Put the rolled bandana around your neck and tie the ends in an easy knot. Make sure that the knot isn’t too tight.

4. Position the knot slightly on the side (not directly under your chin).