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Top 10 Must-Have Men’s Accessories | March 2024

As the season shifts, so do your outfits. These are some of the men’s accessory must-haves for the month of March – designs that’ll ensure you stay ahead of the curve. From the functional to the purely aesthetic, each piece has been chosen for its timeliness and contemporary design.

1 Top 10 must-have men’s accessories | march 20242 Top 10 must-have men’s accessories | march 20242.1 Watches2.2 Wallets2.3 Spring scarves2.4 Hats2.5 Bracelets2.6 Belts2.7 Backpacks and messenger bags2.8 Cufflinks and tie clips2.9 Umbrellas

Top 10 Must-Have Men’s Accessories | March 2024

As the days get longer and sunnier, sunglasses become essential for protecting your eyes against UV rays. Stop squinting and relax those peepers. Save yourself from crow’s feet.

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Timepieces are a year-round staple but may see renewed interest in March as people look to update their style for the spring season. New collections often debut around this time, featuring earthy tones and bright colours.

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With the new season, many opt for a fresh start or an upgrade, making wallets a popular choice. Spring collections often feature new designs, materials, and colours.

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Spring Scarves

Lightweight scarves made from materials like cotton or linen can add a pop of colour to your outfit and provide comfort on cooler spring days.

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Transitioning weather means a mix of warm and cool days. Hats, ranging from baseball caps for casual days to fedoras for a more dressed-up look, become popular as both a fashion statement and practical headwear.


With the onset of warmer weather, short-sleeved shirts give you the perfect opportunity to showcase bracelets, from leather bands to metal cuffs or beaded designs.

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A necessity for completing an outfit, belts in new spring styles and colours can refresh your whole look. They're especially popular as we transition our wardrobes from winter to spring, removing layers in the process.

Backpacks and Messenger Bags

As outdoor activities increase with better weather, handsome and functional bags for carrying personal items become essential.

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Cufflinks and Tie Clips

March hosts several events and occasions, such as weddings and Easter gatherings, and formal accessories like cufflinks and tie clips are a must-have for your dress shirt or suit.

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Umbrellas see a spike in usage “thanks to” the unpredictable showers typical of early spring. Quality umbrellas combine practicality with style, making them popular choices this time of year.

March is iconic for its wet and windy shift toward summer. Style-wise, this is reflected by lighter, more colourful designs that reflect the optimism and renewal associated with spring. Cultural and social events during March push many towards more formal apparel, but the temperature rise still drives most of us to blend that with comfort.